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Single focus DAC-LAW PLC is limited exclusively to criminal law prosecutions in the State of Iowa, including Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Waterloo, and other Iowa communities with a focus on your loved one's criminal defense. If you or a loved one has been arrested in Linn, Johnson, Black Hawk, or other Iowa county, contact DAC-LAW PLC or 319-389-4276 for an initial consultation today. 

What is an attorney limited exclusively to criminal law? 


A lawyer licensed to practice law in the State of Iowa may limit himself or herself exclusively to a particular practice area. In the case of DAC-LAW PLC, that exclusive limitation is criminal law, of which Cedar Rapids and other Iowa drunk driving cases, called Operating While Intoxicated, or, OWI, is one subset. Criminal prosecutions in Iowa are criminal lawsuits against defendants authorized by the Iowa criminal code and initiated by law enforcement and litigated by county attorneys and their duly authorized assistant county attorneys in Linn, Johnson, Black Hawk, and 96 other Iowa counties. DAC-LAW PLC limits itself exclusively to defending such criminal lawsuits.

This criminal law limitation allows DAC-LAW PLC to handle cases of a particular kind, to improve on efficiencies and proficiencies, and to serve clients effectively and with a focus on the type of case with which clients are exclusively faced. This is all we do. There are no other cases but criminal cases at DAC-LAW PLC and we think it is important to ask whether your attorney is limited exclusively to criminal law when faced with an Iowa criminal prosecution. Although lawyers are licensed for all types of cases in Iowa, we believe it is important to maximize our practice by an exclusive criminal limitation. It is a truism that a lawyer limited to criminal law makes a living exclusively practicing criminal law and does not need or want to do anything else. A generalist either must, or, desires to, practice other types as law, as well.

Our singular focus arguably benefits criminal defendants because DAC-LAW PLC is not writing wills or arguing with a divorce attorney over the family Disney DVDs when someone is the target of a criminal investigation or prosecution and needs assistance immediately. DAC-LAW PLC does not need to shift focus from a different practice area to address questions about criminal cases and is available for legal consultations about criminal interrogations and investigations, including but not limited to standardized field sobriety tests, requests for a Datamaster DMT or other bodily specimen during an Operating While Intoxicated investigation or other criminal case.

DAC-LAW PLC doesn’t inflate overhead with layers of gatekeepers designed to build a wall between clients and the attorney you or a loved one needs to get answers to important legal questions fast. If you or a loved one is the target of a Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Waterloo, Linn, Black Hawk, or other Iowa community or county law enforcement prosecution, contact DAC-LAW PLC immediately for an initial consultation at https://www.cedarrapidsduilawyer.lawyer or 319-389-4276.

However, remember that a blog is not legal advice and that sending unsolicited information to a lawyer over the Internet does not establish an attorney-client relationship. 

If you or a loved one has been charged with OWI (DUI) in the State of Iowa, contact DAC-LAW PLC at 319-389-4276 for a free consultation today.